Spectra V2 Blade Controller Adds Visual Effects to ‘Boring’ Stunt Saber

Some lightsabers enthusiasts dislike stunt sabers is they are too ‘boring’. Aside from stunt sabers not using sound, most stunt sabers don’t feature any visual effects either. Installing a Spectra V2 can add some exciting visual effects to an otherwise ‘boring’ stunt saber. JQ Sabers, a custom saber company based in the United Kingdom, sells the Spectra V2 board for £12.50 excluding VAT.

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The Spectra V2 Blade Controller, manufactured exclusively for JQ Sabers by 7 Chambers, is an inexpensive board with RGB color mixing, fade on/fade off (i.e. ramping), blade shimmer, Flash on Clash and lock-up visual effects. The Spectra V2 board does NOT support sound.

Spectra V2 requires a momentary switch (no latching switches). Additionally, the board supports 4 dedicated accent LEDs, including 1 for an illuminated AV switch and 3 for a random LED bargraph.

7 Chambers used to produce a ‘brother’ blade controller called CoreFX V2, a board with similar visual effects options as Spectra V2. The company discontinued CoreFX V2 in August 2017, with the intent to produce the board again at some point in the future. The CoreFX Blade Controller is still out of production, as of January 2019. Spectra V2 is still in production and is available for purchase from JQ Sabers.

JQ Sabers https://www.jqsabers.com

Spectra V2 Demo and Review (by Blue Force Sabers)

COVER IMAGE: Spectra V2 Blade Controller (made by 7 Chambers exclusively for JQ Sabers)

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