Saberforge Mystery Box Sabers Back in Stock Jan 2019

Saberforge Mystery Box Sabers are back in stock. Both the $125 Mystery Box Saber and the $250 Mystery Box Saber (with guaranteed sound) are currently available. The Saberforge Mystery Box Sabers, popular among lightsaber enthusiasts, are typically only available on the Saberforge website a few times a year. Saberforge’s last batch of Mystery Box Sabers had been released in July 2018.

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What’s included with a Mystery Box Saber
$125 Mystery Box Saber is guaranteed to be a “Warrior Saber [no sound] with a chance to get a Champion Saber, Hero Saber, or even a Crystal Saber.”
$250 Mystery Box Saber is guaranteed to be a “Veteran or Champion Sound Saber with a chance to get a Hero Sound Saber, Crystal Sound Saber, or even a Legacy Saber valued up to $1000.”
• each Mystery Box Saber comes with a random LED color (+$5 to select length)
• each Mystery Box Saber includes a random blade (+$5 to select length)
• each Mystery Box Saber includes an in-hilt recharge port
• each Mystery Box Saber receives a “lifetime warranty on metal parts and one year warranty on the blade and electronics”

What’s NOT included with a Saberforge Mystery Box Saber
• blade plug (+$5 for random blade plug OR +$9.99 to select blade plug style)
• battery/charger (+$10)
• Covertec knob and belt clip (+5 to add Covertec knob only OR +$15 to add Covertec knob and Covertec belt clip)

In the past, Saberforge has released Mystery Box Sabers in batches. Once the batch sells out, Mystery Box Sabers have disappeared from the Saberforge website for months at a time before the inventory is replenished. The batches typically sell out very quickly–in a few days or a few weeks. Saberforge has stated that their Mystery Box Saber inventory is comprised of lightsabers leftover after Saberforge attends conventions.

Mystery Box Sabers are available on the Saberforge website only and not on Saberforge Etsy. Mystery Box Sabers are excluded from sales and discounts.

Saberforge website

Saberforge Etsy [AFFILIATE LINK]

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