Hasbro Force FX Elite Lightsaber vs Force FX (Standard) Comparison: What’s The Difference?

Hasbro released a new lightsaber called the Star Wars: The Black Series Supreme Leader Kylo Ren Force FX Elite Lightsaber in October 2019. The lightsaber is the first ever Force FX Elite Lightsaber on the market. How does the new Force FX Elite lightsaber differ from previous, standard Star Wars: The Black Series Force FX … Read more

Spectra V2 Blade Controller Adds Visual Effects to ‘Boring’ Stunt Saber

Spectra V2 lightsaber

Some lightsabers enthusiasts dislike stunt sabers is they are too ‘boring’. Aside from stunt sabers not using sound, most stunt sabers don’t feature any visual effects either. Installing a Spectra V2 can add some exciting visual effects to an otherwise ‘boring’ stunt saber. JQ Sabers, a custom saber company based in the United Kingdom, sells … Read more

Hasbro Star Wars Force FX lightsaber vs Ultrasabers Custom Sound Saber

Ultrasabers Apprentice V4 vs Force FX lightsaber

Let’s compare a Hasbro Star Wars The Black Series Rey (Jedi Training) Force FX lightsaber to an Ultrasabers Apprentice V4 lightsaber with Obsidian Lite sound. I’m comparing the two lightsabers because they are similarly priced, depending on where and when you buy them, and commonly purchased as first lightsabers. RELATED SABER SELLERS affiliate linksIf you purchase … Read more

Ultrasabers upgrade features: AV Switch, Windows, TRI CREE and Beyond

Ultrasabers lightsaber low end hilt models

Ultrasabers offers many upgrade features on their lightsabers, but which ones are worth the price? Lets walk through some of the benefits and drawbacks of optional upgrades on Ultrasabers lightsabers. Watch Which Ultrasabers upgrade features are worth the price? (AV switch, windows, TRI CREE, etc) on YouTube Premium LED color UpgradeUltrasabers offers some premium lightsaber colors. … Read more

What is Flash on Clash (FOC)? | Lightsaber Terminology

lightsaber blade with Flash on Clash

Flash on Clash is a visual effect where the lightsaber blade color briefly changes to a different color upon impact. For example, if you hit the blade against another lightsaber blade, against your hand, against the table or some other object, then the blade color will briefly change to a secondary color before reverting to … Read more