Ultrasabers Dark Sentinel LE V4 Stunt Saber full review lightsaber

Ultrasabers Dark Sentinel LE V4 lightsaber

This is an Ultrasabers Dark Sentinel LE V4. The lightsaber is in the stunt saber configuration (no sound) and features a Guardian Blue Blade. Dark Sentinel LE V4 is one of the more basic lightsabers that Ultrasabers sells. At 12.375 inches long, the lightsaber works well as a two-handed saber. The hilt is 4.5 inches … Read more

Ultrasabers V5 Lightsaber Line | New Saber Alert

Ultrasabers V5 lightsabers

Ultrasabers announced the release a new V5 lightsaber line. The V5 lightsaber line is comprised of new versions of popular, basic, budget friendly Ultrasabers hilts. Although the new V5 hilts appear to be heavily influenced by the base design of the V4 lightsabers, the new V5 sabers incorporate several significant design changes and updates to the emitter … Read more

Ultrasabers Dominix V4 Lightsaber Full Review | Fire Orange Blade Stunt Saber

Ultrasabers Dominix V4 lightsaber with Fire Orange blade

This is an Ultrasabers Dominix V4 lightsaber, stunt saber configuration (no sound). All of the Dominix lightsabers are black with a dark side or tactical feel. The light side counterpart of the Dominix V4 is the Aeon V4, which is exactly the same as Dominix V4 except the hilt is a metallic silver color rather … Read more

Sabertrio Vahlken Lightsaber full review | Stunt Saber

Sabertrio Vahlken lightsaber

This is a Sabertrio Vahlken [Etsy AFFILIATE LINK] and it’s in the stunt saber configuration (no sound) with a Royal Blue blade. The hilt measures 11.3 inches long with an average diameter of 1.42 inches. The hilt choke point below the emitter is a thinner than average section of the hilt, while the windowed emitter … Read more

Ultrasabers Dominix LE V4 Lightsaber Full review | Mystery Box Saber

Ultrasabers Dominix LE V4 Consular Green

I received this Ultrasabers Dominix LE V4 as a Mystery Box Saber. The lightsaber is a stunt saber, which means there’s no sound, with a Consular Green blade. I lucked out and received an AV switch, which is an upgrade feature for some of the more basic sabers by Ultrasabers. By ‘basic sabers’ I mean … Read more

Ultrasabers Dark Apprentice V4 Full review | stunt saber

Ultrasabers Dark Apprentice V4

This is an Ultrasabers Dark Apprentice V4 lightsaber with a Guardian Blue blade. The saber is configured as a stunt saber, so there’s no sound. The saber does feature several upgrades, including windows in the emitter and a black AV switch. The black AV switch blends in with saber hilt pretty well. Just below the … Read more

Ultrasabers upgrade features: AV Switch, Windows, TRI CREE and Beyond

Ultrasabers lightsaber low end hilt models

Ultrasabers offers many upgrade features on their lightsabers, but which ones are worth the price? Lets walk through some of the benefits and drawbacks of optional upgrades on Ultrasabers lightsabers. Watch Which Ultrasabers upgrade features are worth the price? (AV switch, windows, TRI CREE, etc) on YouTube Premium LED color UpgradeUltrasabers offers some premium lightsaber colors. … Read more