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Ultrasabers announced the release a new V5 lightsaber line. The V5 lightsaber line is comprised of new versions of popular, basic, budget friendly Ultrasabers hilts. Although the new V5 hilts appear to be heavily influenced by the base design of the V4 lightsabers, the new V5 sabers incorporate several significant design changes and updates to the emitter area, grip area and pommel.

Ultrasabers is currently only accepting pre-orders on the V5 lightsabers and has posted an expected shipping time of mid to late November 2018.

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The Ultrasabers V5 line includes 16 lightsabers:
– Apprentice V5 and Dark Apprentice V5
– Apprentice LE V5 and Dark Apprentice LE V5
– Initiate V5 and Dark Initiate V5
– Initiate LE V5 and Dark Initiate LE V5
– Aeon V5 and Dominix V5
– Aeon LE V5 and Dominix LE V5
– Sentinel V5 and Dark Sentinel V5
– Sentinel LE V5 and Dark Sentinel LE V5


Windows in the Emitter included (all V5 hilts)
All of the V5 lightsabers will include windows in the emitter as a standard feature rather than an upgrade. In fact, there’s no option to remove windows from the saber.

AV switch included (all V5 hilts)
AV switches come standard with all V5 hilts (there does not appear to be a guarded switch option). Including the AV switch with all V5 lightsabers hilts will likely be one of the most popular features of the new lightsaber line.

Claws are included (select V5 hilts)
Emitter Claws are included with: Initiate V5, Dark Initiate V5, Initiate LE V5, Dark Initiate LE V5, Aeon V5, Dominix V5, Aeon LE V5 and Dominix LE V5.

New grenade grip (select V5 hilts)
Ultrasabers modified the grip section on select V5 hilts into a grenade style grip. A grenade-style grip is included on: Initiate V5, Dark Initiate V5, Initiate LE V5, Dark Initiate LE V5, Aeon V5, Dominix V5, Aeon LE V5 and Dominix LE V5

New MHS compatible pommel design included (all V5 hilts)
Ultrasabers designed two new pommel for the V5 lightsabers. One new pommel design, for the Apprentice V5 and Sentinel V5 family of lightsabers, incorporates horizontal grooves. The other new pommel design, for the Initiate V5, Aeon V5 and Dominix V5 family of lightsabers, flares out to complement the emitter claws.

New V5 Lightsaber Pricing
The new V5 lightsaber range in price from $70 to $100 for a stunt saber with no additional upgrades.

All of the the V5 lightsabers ARE more expensive than their V4 predecessors. The price increase varies by hilt model, but ranges from $5-$20 for stunt sabers. The lightsabers including the claws and flared pommels have the largest price jump of $20.

New Hilt Design, Same Internals
The new V5 lightsaber will use the same wiring and internals as previous Ultrasabers hilts.

IMAGE CREDIT: Ultrasabers.com

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