Sabertrio Hosts RARE 10% Off Lightsabers Sale for Halloween (ends October 8)

Sabertrio [Etsy affiliate link] is hosting a very rare 10% off sale. It’s a Halloween Sale and runs from September 27, 2018 to October 8, 2018. The sale includes all Sabertrio hilt models: Arclyte, Skylar, Aeryn and Skylar. The sale only applies to Stunt Sabers (no sound) and FX Sabers (RGB sound sabers). Unfortunately, the popular Neo Sabers (neopixel blade lightsabers) are excluded from the sale. Sabertrio explained the exclusion of Neo Sabers on their Facebook page, stating, “Those Neo blades are so hard to make.” In addition to Stunt Sabers and FX Sabers, the Saber Bags are also 10% off.

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Etsy custom sabers, stands, accessories
Entertainment Earth Force FX Elite Obi-Wan Kenobi Lightsaber
Amazon Hasbro Darth Vader Force FX Elite Lightsaber

TRENDING Jedi Armor: Protect Gear for Clone Wars Battle and Beyond

Watch Sabertrio Hosts RARE 10% Off Lightsabers Halloween Sale 9/27 to 10/8 on YouTube

A nice thing about the 10% off sale applies to both orders from the Sabertrio website and the Sabertrio Etsy store. The discounted price is already reflected (the original price has a strike through and the sale price is listed to the side of it). No additional promo code or discount code is required.

Sabertrio Etsy Store [AFFILIATE LINK]


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