NEW SABER ALERT: Saberforge Releases 3 New Youngling Sabers

Saberforge released three new Youngling Sabers in late August 2018. The lightsabers are named: Youngling Saber 2, Youngling Saber 3 and Youngling Saber 4. In addition, Saberforge has also renamed their first Youngling Saber ‘Youngling Saber 1’.

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The new Youngling Sabers use fancier and more detailed hilt designs than the very basic, ‘no frills’ Youngling Saber 1. The three new Youngling Sabers offer three options of finishes: black, standard or weathered. Youngling Saber 2 also offers leather wrap and other wrap options. All three new Youngling Sabers are roughly 10 inches long and 1.25 inches in diameter. The shorter length, diameter and overall size the Youngling Sabers may make the lightsabers easier for kids to handle than larger lightsabers.

All four Youngling Sabers use a 5W LED, include a in-hilt recharge with a USB charger, use a single font, non-Saberforge soundboard with lock up and mute. All four Youngling Sabers also include a 32 inch long, 7/8 inch in diameter, thin-walled, detachable blade (light dueling only). A 7/8 inch diameter blade plug can be added for $5.

Saberforge DOES NOT manufacture any of the four Youngling Sabers in-house and none of the lightsaber use Saberforge electronics. The hilt designs of Youngling Saber 2, Youngling Saber 3 and Youngling Saber 4 look more are more in-line with the Saberforge lightsaber style than the basic, plain, ‘no-frills’ design of Youngling Saber 1. Like Youngling Saber 1, the three new Youngling Sabers appear to be manufactured by China based lightsaber manufacturer YDD Saber (NOTE: this is an unconfirmed, educated guess).

All Youngling Sabers are excluded from Saberforge warranty, but do include a “90 day limited warranty against defective components”. All Youngling Sabers are also excluded from further discounts.

Youngling Sabers are the lowest priced, functional lightsabers (i.e. not just an empty hilt) that Saberforge currently sells. That said, consider that the price reflects the quality of the lightsabers as well. For under $100, Youngling Sabers are inexpensive, metal, sound sabers made from cheaper components than Saberforge-made lightsabers. Youngling Sabers could make an affordable starter saber for kids and new saber enthusiasts, but don’t expect the same level of quality and craftsmanship of Saberforge-made lightsabers.

All four Youngling Sabers are available for purchase on the Saberforge website. The Saberforge Etsy Store [AFFILIATE LINK] currently only sells Youngling Saber 1.

IMAGE CREDIT: Saberforge

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  1. I just recieved mine in the mail today, I cut the blade down and swung it to see it’s balance and it shut off. i tried to charge it. Wouldnt charge period.Turns out a resistor fried on the soundboard. I can’t return it since I cut the blade. Don’t buy. is all over the inside of the saber, from the soundboard to the battery.


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