What is a leather wrap on a lightsaber hilt? | Lightsaber Terminology

A leather wrap is a strip of leather–genuine leather or artificial–that wound around the grip section of your lightsaber hilt. People will add a leather wrap onto their lightsaber hilt for various reasons.

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Someone may add a leather wrap to a solid colored hilt in order to add a contrasting or complementary texture (i.e. stingray wrap) and a color to the hilt. An otherwise solid colored hilt may seem too ‘boring’ without an addition like a leather wrap.

Another reason someone may add a leather wrap to lightsaber hilt is for comfort. Gripping a leather section of a lightsaber can be more comfortable than gripping a cold metal section. A leather wrap could also help protect your hands from scraping on a jagged spot in the grip section of the hilt.

Adding a leather wrap can liven up an otherwise bland, flat saber. If your saber hilt has a flat, uninteresting, flashlight lightsaber look to it, you could add a leather wrap to enhance the saber’s design and appearance.

Some custom saber companies will offer a leather wrap as an option or as an add-on item. Adding a leather wrap to your order will often delay the shipment of your saber by several weeks, depending on the saber company. Sabers with leather wraps can take longer to ship due to the labor of adding the wrap to the saber hilt. For example, Saberforge states that adding a leather wrap to your order could delay shipment by 2-3 weeks. Make sure you’re aware of the possible delay before ordering.

Alternatively, you can add a leather wrap to your saber hilt yourself as a DIY project. YouTube has several excellent tutorial videos for adding a leather wrap to your saber hilt like this KR Sabers leather wrap tutorial. You can find your own leather pieces from a variety of sources. There are also some sellers who sell strips of leather sized and cut specifically for wrapping a lightsaber hilt. Ebay seller defconbird offers some popular leather wrap strips for lightsabers [DISCLAIMER: this is an affiliate link].

defconbird (eBay) leather wrap seller [DISCLAIMER: This is an affilliate link]
KR Sabers Leather Wrap tutorial

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