What is a ‘flashlight’ lightsaber? | Lightsaber Terminology

A ‘flashlight lightsaber’ is a derogatory term used by the lightsaber community when a lightsaber hilt is perceived to look or function like a flashlight. Saber enthusiasts accuse several hilts models of being so called ‘flashlight’ lightsabers. Some call various Ultrasabers V2 hilts models flashlight lightsabers. Others call Kyberlight a flashlight lightsaber.

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It’s highly debatable what’s considered to be a flashlight lightsaber. One person may consider Kyberlight or Ultrasabers lightsabers ‘flashlight’ lightsabers and another person may not.

There are many factors you may consider when deciding whether a lightsaber hilt is a ‘flashlight’ lightsaber. One factor you may consider is whether the model or body of the lightsaber hilt is flat and mostly straight with very little character–that’s a common reason someone would call a lightsaber hilt a ‘flashlight’ lightsaber.

LED color matters to some people as well. So if your lightsaber features a white LED (i.e. white blade color) rather than an LED with a color, then some people will consider the lightsaber a ‘flashlight’.

Finally, some people consider stunt sabers, or sabers without sound ‘flashlight’ lightsaber since they don’t make any of the fun lightsaber sounds.

The definitions of what’s a flashlight lightsaber and what’s not will vary, depending who you ask. The main take away is if a lightsaber is called a ‘flashlight’ lightsaber, that’s generally not a positive label, but rather it’s more a derogatory term for: the ‘bland’ style, white LED, and/or no sound configuration of the lightsaber hilt.

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