Ultrasabers V2 lightsabers: What you should know

The Ultrasabers V2 lightsaber hilts are some of the most basic and most affordable hilts that Ultrasabers sells. Ultrasabers V2 hilts, which are 1.25 inches in diameter, are smaller in diameter than other Ultrasabers hilts. There are several ways the Ultrasabers V2 lightsaber line differs from other Ultrasabers lightsabers.

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The pommels on V2 hilts are removable, but NOT MHS compatible. That means none of the other Ultrasabers pommel styles with work with V2 hilts. Also, none of the MHS pommels from The Custom Saber Shop with work with V2 hilts.

Double-Bladed V2 lightsabers
Two V2 hilts can be connected together to form a double-bladed lightsaber. You need to make sure you purchase the specific V2 coupler from Ultrasabers. None of the other Ultrasabers couplers will work with V2 hilts. Ultrasabers offers V2 hilts in their double bladed saber section. Available models include: Phantom Initiate V2, Phantasm Initiate V2, Phantom V2 and Phantasm V2. One of the perks of ordering a double-bladed saber is you basically get the coupler for free. You could even get two different LED colors, if you’d like.

Initiate V2 lightsabers
The Initiate V2 and Dark Initiate V2 lightsaber hilts are the shorted lightsaber hilts that Ultrasabers sells. They are only 8.75 inches long. When you combine the short length of the hilt with a narrow 1.25 inch diameter, the Initiate V2 and Dark Initiate V2 hilts become a great option for a one-handed saber and for kids or people with smaller hands.

Aeon V2 and Dominix V2 lightsabers
The Dominix V2 and Aeon V2 lightsabers, which are 12 inches long, are essentially longer versions of the Initiate V2 and Dark Initiate V2 style. Due to the longer length, Aeon V2 and Dominix V2 could be used as a two-handed lightsaber.

V2 hilts are NOT sold as sound sabers
Ultrasabers only sells V2 hilts as stunt sabers (no sound) or empty hilts. The Ultrasabers Obsidian soundboard is too large to fit into V2 hilts, which are smaller in diameter than other Ultrasabers hilts. A lightsaber enthusiast could purchase a V2 hilt and install their own electronics and soundboard, if they select a soundboard small enough to fit into the hilt.

Does an Ultrasabers V2 lightsaber make a good first lightsaber?
Ultrasabers V2 hilts are among the most affordable lightsabers sold by Ultrasabers, so they could make a simple and inexpensive first lightsaber. The design of the V2 hilts is a little, flat, basic and ‘flashlighty‘. A bit downside is the V2 pommel is not MHS compatible, which means none of the pommels or couplers from The Custom Saber Shop will work with a V2 hilt.

Ultrasabers V2 hilts as Grab Bag Sabers and Mystery Box Sabers
It’s somewhat common for Ultrasabers buyers to received Aeon V2 or Dominix V2 lightsabers as a Grab Bag Saber or Mystery Box Saber. Mystery Box Sabers are guaranteed to match or exceed the price that you pay. Grab Bag Sabers DO NOT have a guaranteed value, so it’s possible (though not common) to receive a lightsaber lower in value than what you paid.

Since V2 hilts are lower in value than many other Ultrasabers lightsabers, sometimes V2 lightsabers that people receive as Grab Bag Sabers or Mystery Box Sabers will include upgrade features, like a premium LED color or an AV switch, in order to increase the value of the lightsaber.

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