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Vader’s Vault Rival lightsaber has been released. The custom saber takes design cues from the Maul lightsaber and is available configured as a sound saber with a single color LED, RGB LED (multicolor) or Plecter Pixel LED.

As a Combat Class Saber, Rival is slimmed down in design, duel worthy, and comfortable to wield. The lightsaber is available in three variations: Rival Standard (metallic silver color), Dark Rival (black accents) and Rival Elite (black accents along with a custom accent color). Additional Vader’s Vault style weathering and heat bluing options are available as well.

Vader’s Vault

Vader’s Vault Dark Rival (left) and Rival Elite (right) | IMAGE CREDIT Vader’s Vault

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Vader’s Vault Rival features a threaded emitter crown capable of being swapped with the Vader’s Vault Oda Tsuba. The blade hold is comprised of a turbine style emitter, encircled with a series of emitter fins that are machined as part of the design. The hilt features a recessed activation switch section as well. Throughout the hilt, the edges are rounded off through chamfering, making the hilt more com. Two Rival hilts may be combined with a coupler to create a saberstaff.

Rival is first Vader’s Vault hilt to be optionally equipped with a dedicated accent LED. The accent LED is comprised of a series of three machined LED bezels that reside in a recessed, stadium-shaped sections (blank bezels will be placed in the section if the custom does not select the accent LED option).

Additionally, Rival features an exclusive sountfont, designed by soundfont artist Saber Baron.

Vader’s Vault is a United States based custom saber company specializing in high quality mid-range to high end sound sabers.

Vader’s Vault

Image depicts Vader’s Vault Dark Rival and Rival Elite sabers

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