What is an RGB lightsaber? | Lightsaber Terminology

An RBG lightsaber is a lightsaber with multiple-LED color options built into the saber hilt. RGB stands for “red, green, blue”. An RGB lightsaber uses and mixes red, green, and blue together to create the resulting lightsaber blade color.

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The quantity and type of colors available on an RGB lightsaber vary depending on the lightsaber hilt model and the lightsaber company. Sabertrio’s lightsabers have 6 different color options built into their RGB lightsabers. Kyberlight lightsabers features 20 different color options (although some of the 20 colors look better than others). Some companies sell highly customizable RGB sabers where the color options are nearly limitless!

Many lightsaber companies are selling RGB lightsabers these days. If you anticipate wanting to switch your lightsaber color or if you will be sharing the lightsaber with someone who has different color preferences from you, then purchasing an RGB lightsaber may be a good fit for you. Maybe one day you’re feeling more like a Jedi so you’d use a blue or green lightsaber blade, while the next day you’re feeling more like a Sith so you’d use a red lightsaber blade. The beauty of an RGB lightsaber is the extra versatility the color-changing option gives you. Currently, the main downside of RGB lightsabers is they are often priced higher than single-colored lightsaber hilts.

Some of the lower priced RGB lightsabers on the market right now include the Kyberlight lightsaber and WonderForce Hitoren V4 RGB Saber from Pach Store (out of Hong Kong)

Do you own an RGB lightsaber? Do you prefer an RGB lightsaber or a lightsaber with only one color?

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