What is knurling? (Lightsaber Terminology) lightsaber grip, pommel, button etc

Knurling is when a rough texture is rolled on to a metal part. The texture is rolled onto the hilt itself, onto the pommel, or onto other lightsaber sections or components. It’s very common to find some element of knurling on a lightsaber.

Sometime you’re find knurling on the grip, like on the Sabertrio Arclyte. Many pommels will exhibit a knurling grip. You’ll even find some knurling on buttons.

Knurling makes it easier to grip something or to unscrew it, which is why knurling is very common on pommels. Knurling can also be a bit rough on your hands, though.

The Sabertrio Arclyte utilizes knurling. Ultrasabers basic models, like the Ultrasabers Apprentice LE V4 use a knurled pommel. A Master Replicas 0.45 scale Anakin Skywalker lightsaber features a tiny portion that’s knurled. The Custom Saber Shop produces some knurled pommels.
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Do you have an lightsaber with a knurling grip, pommel, or other component? Do you like the look and texture of knurling on a lightsaber?

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