Sabertrio Arclyte Review Stunt Saber (awesome quality AND price!)

Sabertrio, based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is arguably one of the most exciting new lightsaber companies of 2017. This is the Sabertrio Arclyte [Etsy AFFILIATE LINK] and it’s the silver and black version. Sabertrio manufactures some fantastic, high quality AND affordably priced lightsabers. I’m just totally in love with the Sabertrio Arclyte ever since I got it.

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I ordered the Arclyte without the blade. The hilt (without the blade) cost $62 plus $25 shipping from Malaysia to the United States. So for $87, I received this really attractive, high-quality hilt. It’s incredible you guys, this is possibly one of my favorite hilts of the year it may even be my favorite so far.

Initially when I first saw this saber I thought, “Wow, this looks very similar to some of the Ultrasabers hilts.” Sabertrio Arclyte looks like a hybrid of Ultrasabers’ Apprentice V4 and Initiate V4, but a bit nicer. The Sabertrio Arclyte is 10.25 inches long. It has a knurling grip. Due to its shorter length, it more of a one-handed saber or a shoto lightsaber. The lightsaber also features a choke point at the top for spinning.

It’s two-tone saber. Sabertrio offers this same hilt model in a two-toned weathered version and a solid black version. Sabertrio does not currently offer the hilt silver.

Sabertrio sabers come standard with a Covertec wheel, which is great so you can wear the lightsaber very easily. The LED on the saber is a CREE XP-E2. The saber uses an AV switch for the on/off button. The AV switch is protected by a recessed area so that it’s more difficult to accidentally bump the switch.

The two-toned design up by the emitter is very attractive with very crisp lines to it. Everything on the saber is very smooth and polished and refined–no sharp edges.

Near the emitter, the saber features a blade retention screw and an additional screw to hold the LED module in place. There’s a nice point in emitter area as well that you can use for spinning the saber.

The pommel is two-toned and knurled. The knurling grip of the pommel helps you unscrew the pommel more easily. The Sabertrio Arclyte pommel is MHS compatible! That means you can use some of your Ultrasabers MHS compatible pommels or you could use some pommels from The Custom Saber Shop. Swapping the pommel out can help you make the saber your own.

After you unscrew the pommel, you’ll find the battery pack. You can only access the battery pack, though, if you unscrew the Covertec wheel because the screw that holds the Covertec wheel in place also holds the chassis for the batteries in place in the interior of the saber, which prevents the battery pack from rattling while the saber is in use. The batteries (four AAA batteries) and very well protected by the plastic chassis.

The Arclyte also has a nice, light feel to it. It’s very easy to maneuver and very comfortable to grip. The black parts of the hilt are anodized and the hilt is made out of aircraft grade aluminum, like many other sabers.

The Sabertrio Arclyte is just a really awesome saber and I highly recommend it. The company SabertTrio does have one additional hilt model available right now called the Skylar and they have an additional model coming out quite soon called the Aeryn, which is a thin neck saber. It looks pretty cool from the photos (UPDATE 11/22/2017: Sabertrio’s Aeryn has been released).

This saber is stunt saber, but Sabertrio does also offer RGB sound sabers that use Pico Crumble Dark Meat or Light Meat and features Flash on Clash.

The saber is named ‘Arclyte’ and not ‘Acolyte’. I keep wanting to call it ‘Acolyte’, which is the name of both a Saberforge and Vader’s Vault hilt. At any rate, this is the Arclyte by Sabertrio and you purchase this either from their etsy store or from their official website. The Sabertrio website provides a few additional accessory options that are not available from the etsy store.

The Sabertrio Arclyte may even be better than some of the lower end Ultrasabers hilts due to the quality and the attention to detail (i.e. stable chassis around the batteries, screw that hold the LED module in place, etc). I’m so happy with this saber, I can’t say that enough! Please let me know if you’ve gotten any Sabertrio lightsabers in the comments.

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