Worst Ultrasabers Mystery Box and Grab Bag Sabers I’ve received?

Let’s talk about the three worst lightsabers I’ve gotten from Ultrasabers as Grab Bag Sabers or Mystery Box Sabers. Some of the reasons they’re the ‘worst’ may surprise you. Talking about the ‘worst’ Ultrasabers lightsaber or worst ANYTHING is inherently pretty controversial. I understand I could get some backlash from that so feel free to disagree with me and feel free to give me a piece of your mind in the comments section.

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Worst Saber #1: Dark Sentinel LE V4 Grab Bag Saber (with useless recharge port)

Ultrasabers recharge port

Ultrasabers Dark Sentinel LE V4 Grab Bag with useless recharge port

First, let’s take a look at the Dark Sentinel LE V4. I have no problems with the hilt design. Why I consider this one of the worst hilts I’ve received as a Grab Bag Saber is because the hilt features a useless recharge port. You can’t use the recharge port with your lightsaber unless you rewire/customize the saber yourself. Before I received this saber I didn’t even know it was possible to receive a non-functional recharge port on a Grab Bag Saber. The recharge port is a bit of an eyesore and I wish it wasn’t there. It’s not a huge deal, but something worth mentioning if you’re considering getting a Grab Bag Saber.

Worst Saber #2: Apprentice LE V4 Grab Bag Saber (as a replacement for a Prophecy V3)
Another one of the ‘worst’ lightsaber hilts I received as a Grab Bag is an Apprentice LE V4. The Apprentice LE V4 is also one of my favorite hilts. How can this be?

The reason I don’t like this particular Apprentice LE V4 is the story behind why I received it. I originally received a Prophecy V3 with a Blazing Red LED as a Grab Bag Saber, which is one of the nice hilt models you can receive as a Grab Bag Saber. There was a problem with the saber, though. In the lower grip portion of the Prophecy V3, which I no longer have, there was a small gash in the metal.

I contacted Ultrasabers about the damage and they told me, no problem, send the saber back and we’ll fix it. They specifically told me that they’d “fix” it. Then Ultrasabers mailed me an Apprentice LE V4 with a Guardian Blue LED as a replacement instead. So I received both a totally different LED color and a totally different hilt model from my original saber. Plus the replacement hilt was a much lower-end hilt model. Ultrasabers’ rationale was that Grab Bag Saber just means a random saber, so since they concluded that they couldn’t fix the saber, they just sent me another random saber. I emailed Ultrasabers about my surprise and disappointment in receiving the lesser hilt as a replacement, but their customer service shrugged off my complaint. I wasn’t too happy with this whole process, but I do like the design of the Apprentice LE V4.

Worst Saber #3: Apprentice LE V4 Mystery Box Saber (very faint coloring)

Ultrasabers Apprentice LE V4

standard Ultrasabers Apprentice LE V4 (left) and faded Ultrasabers Apprentice V4 (right)

I received another Apprentice LE V4 as a Mystery Box Saber. This one is one of the ‘worst’ sabers I’ve received due to its defective coloring. The coloring on the Apprentice LE V4 is supposed to be a bold gold color. The Apprentice LE V4 I received as a Mystery Box had very faded coloring. Ultrasabers wouldn’t sell a saber with faded coloring like this as a new saber to a buyer, which is probably why they sent the saber to me as a Mystery Box Saber. Several viewers have commented that they actually like faded look better than the normal color. Personally, I prefer the normal coloring, though

* * *

What’s the ‘worst’ Ultrasabers Mystery Box Saber or Grab Bag Saber that you’ve received? Why? What do you think about my three ‘worst’ Mystery Box and Grab Bag Sabers? Feel free to comment below.

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