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Sabertrio unveiled the Aeryn lightsaber, a thin neck custom saber with a classic look. Although the intricately designed hilt is not directly character inspired, Aeryn exudes an Original Trilogy vibe and features several design elements that are similar to the Obi-Wan Kenobi ANH lightsaber and the Luke Skywalker ROTJ lightsaber.

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The thin-necked Sabertrio Aeryn lightsaber comes in multiple finishes. | IMAGE CREDIT Sabertrio

Aeryn is a standard-size hilt, measuring 11.2 inches long with an average diameter of 1.42 inches. The brass thin-neck section is about 0.6 inches in diameter. The hilt, which comes with multiple finish and hilt color options, accommodates a 1 inch diameter blade. Aeryn may be configured as a Stunt Saber (no sound), FX Saber (RGB sound saber) or a Neo Saber (neopixel saber) [UPDATED 12/31/2019].

The top of Aeryn’s flanged emitter features a circular groove with a series of 16 recessed, pinhole-like circles. The the hilt’s emitter section houses the LED module. Situating the LED module above the brass neck in the emitter section rather than below the brass neck helps provide bright blade illumination.

The emitter section tapers into the iconic thin-neck section, which may serve as a convenient choke point. The thin-neck is machined from brass in order to maximize the durability and duel worthiness of the hilt, despite Aeryn’s thin-neck design. The brass coloring also adds a warm, contrasting color to the more neutral black and/or metallic silver tones throughout the hilt.

The bottom of the neck connects to Aeryn’s main body. The top of the body features the recessed AV activation switch. Below the AV switch, the grenade-style grip incorporates thin, intersecting horizontal and vertical grooves. The lower body is comprised of a smooth section with three extra thin grooves in the middle. A series of deeper vertical grooves encircle the bottom of the hilt body. The spoked-pommel, featuring a classic pommel cubes design, caps off the end of the hilt. The pommel features a protective grill inside in order to provide a buffer between the pommel and speaker.

Founded in 2017, Sabertrio is a Malaysia based custom saber company that sells stunt sabers, sound sabers, and neopixel sabers.

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Image depicts a Sabertrio Aeryn lightsaber.

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