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Ultrasabers released the Brood Guard lightsaber today. The custom lightsaber hilt features an unorthodox tonfa design, inspired by Maris Brood’s shoto guard lightsabers in Legends. The Brood Guard lightsaber, a non-standard lightsaber with nightstick or baton shape, uses a perpendicular grip section that extends out of the main body of the hilt. The grooved perpendicular grip section is widest in its middle, tapering in diameter at both of its ends.

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The tonfa or nightstick style of the hilt allows the wielder to grip and maneuver the lightsaber hilt in various places (e.g. on the upper main body, on the perpendicular extension, on the lower main body, etc.), giving the wielder more versatility than some other lightsaber designs.

Ultrasabers Brood Guard lightsaber
The main body of Ultrasabers Brood Guard (left) looks similar to Ultrasabers Dark Initiate V4 (right) | IMAGE CREDIT Ultrasabers

The main hilt body looks similar in design to an extended version of an Ultrasabers Initiate V4 or Ultrasabers Aeon V4/Dominix 4 hilt. Ultrasabers recommends using an 16 inch blade or 24 inch blade with the Brood Guard in order to maneuver the piece as a shoto lightsaber. Longer blades could be used as well, although they may be a bit more unwieldy.

The Brood Guard hilt is 15.75 inches long (the perpendicular grip section is 5.5 inches long). The hilt is about 1.5 inches in diameter. The removable pommel is MHS compatible. The Covertec wheel is either installed on the left side of the hilt (to wear on the right hip) or on the right side of the hilt (to wear on the left hip). The hilt features a screw hole for the Covertec wheel on both sides of the hilt, so the user may change the Covertec wheel over to the other side at any time.

The Brood Guard hilt comes in three styles: Brood Guard (all black hilt), Brood Guard SE (all metallic silver hilt), and Brood Guard LE (black with metallic silver accents).

Image depicts Ultrasabers Brood Guard LE (left), Brood Guard SE (middle), Brood Guard (right)

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