What is a lightsaber tonfa? | Lightsaber Terminology

A lightsaber tonfa, sometimes referred to as a guard shoto, is a perpendicular-gripped variation of a shoto lightsaber. A lightsaber tonfa uses a shorter-than-standard blade and a hilt comprised a long, main hilt section coupled with a short, perpendicular hilt extension. A lightsaber tonfa can be gripped on the main hilt section or on the smaller, perpendicular hilt extension. Gripping the perpendicular hilt extension may be more strategically useful in blocking lightsaber strikes.

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Star Wars Legends characters Maris Brood (a Jedi Padawan) and Sinya (a non-Force sensitive member of the Black Sun crime syndicate) each wielded lightsaber tonfa. The lightsaber tonfa is no longer part of Star Wars Canon.

Custom Lightsaber Tonfa
Ultrasabers makes a line of lightsaber tonfa called Brood Guard. The Brood Guard line launched in November 2017 and is currently still in production. Additionally, The Custom Saber Shop sells MHS tonfa handles and adapters. Other sabersmiths and lightsaber enthusiasts create their own lightsaber tonfa as a mod/DIY project, sometimes using an existing straight lightsaber hilt as a base.

Lightsaber Tonfa as Lightsaber Crutches
Star Wars fan Peregrine Oxton developed functional lightsaber crutches out of a pair of Ultrasabers Brood Guard lightsaber tonfa.

Cover Image Credit: Ultrasabers
Image shows the Ultrasabers Brood Guard tonfa lightsaber line.

Lightsaber Crutches: Star Wars Fan Peregrine Oxton Construct Attention-Grabbing Mobility Aid [INTERVIEW] (SaberSourcing.com interview)

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