Lightsaber Crutches: Star Wars Fan Peregrine Oxton Constructs Attention-Grabbing Mobility Aid [INTERVIEW]

Star Wars fan and lightsaber enthusiast Peregrine Oxton has constructed a pair of functional, attention-grabbing lightsaber crutches out of Ultrasabers Brood Guard LE lightsabers. SaberSourcing interviewed her about the project.

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Peregrine Oxton shows off her Lightsaber Crutches (Image Credit: Peregrine Oxton)

How did you decide to build lightsaber crutches?
I decided to build my lightsaber crutches because as a twenty-year-old with a non-obvious disability – Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome – I get stared at enough for using any sort of mobility aid. I decided that if I was going to be stared at anyway, I might as well take control of the attention by giving them a reason to stare. So I brought my idea to my fiancé and we got to work.

You selected Ultrasabers Brood Guard LE lightsabers for the project. Did you tell Ultrasabers about your intent to build lightsaber crutches? If so, how involved was Ultrasabers in your project?
We worked extensively with UltraSabers in the planning stage. We tried to create the final version straight out the gate but it quickly became apparent that it was going to be a two-step process. They stuck with us over the months it took to pull this off.

Can you describe the lightsaber crutches building process from concept to completion?
We started out by working with cheap wooden versions mocked up to emulate the proportions of the Brood Guard LE. My fiancé wanted to make sure that they’d be a comfortable size for me, since I couldn’t exactly order bigger or smaller hilts. From there, we used existing crutches to try and compute the proper blade length.

We realized at the last second that my measurements were off and so UltraSabers shipped me the sabers with stock 16” blades that I still use for photos in my wheelchair. Upon receiving that, we made a final set of measurements and ordered a second, custom length set of blades. I might order a third set for when I wear heels, but that’ll be down the road.

What was the most challenging part about the project?
The most challenging part was definitely the blades. We didn’t think about the fact that some of the blade disappears into the hilt (and more so than other sabers we own), so that threw our measurements off badly.

How are your lightsaber crutches similar and different from standard crutches?
The lightsabers crutches are definitely a bit heavier than my normal crutches. They have an entirely different weight distribution (distinctly top heavy) and so I have to alter how I walk a little. But they’re really sturdy and really fun.

What are some common and memorable reactions you get while you’re out and about using the lightsaber crutches?
Reactions to the crutches is mixed, which is pretty much what I was expecting. As it stood, I got a lot of odd or pitying looks whenever I used a mobility aid in public because of how young I am. Those people still stare at me oddly. But I have gotten a lot of awed looks from kids and fellow geeks, and plenty of both approaching me to ask about them. I’ve also had two other friends with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome begin working on their own pairs after seeing mine.

Aside from the lightsaber crutches, which other lightsabers do you own?

Peregrine Oxton using her custom Lightsaber Crutches (Image Credit: Peregrine Oxton)

We currently own two Jade Fire and an Arbiter from Saber Forge. We’re looking at getting a Redeemer from Saber Forge or a Guardian from UltraSabers next for my fiancé’s Obi-Wan.

What’s your favorite Star Wars lightsaber (Canon or Legends) and why?
Out of the current canon lightsabers, I’d give a leg to own Asajj Ventress’s curved sabers. Or maybe both. My legs aren’t worth much. If we’re including Legends, Tenel Ka’s rancor tooth saber is a huge favorite of mine as well.

What’s next for you?
From here, we’re moving on to a custom project with Saber Forge and a local aluminum machining company. We’re polyamorous and so as not to leave our girlfriend out, my fiancé is working on a way to adapt a Jade Fire into a lightpike blind cane for our girlfriend.

* * *

Peregrine Oxton is a 20-year-old lightsaber and cosplay enthusiast from New Hampshire. Her Facebook page is

Ultrasabers official website

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  1. Please make these available for the public. We all feel the same way about how our ugly crutches make us feel. Awesome idea thanks for sharing. Many of us would be willing to pay to own these.


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