Ultrasabers’ lightsaber price increase coincides with Star Wars Day

Bad news, you guys–Ultrasabers raised their prices on many their sabers. The price hike isn’t very surprising because Ultrasabers had recently increased the prices on some of their smaller accessories like their Grab Bag Blades.  Raising on the prices on the smaller accessories was possibly the canary in the coal mine, indicating that Ultrasabers was gearing up to raise prices on their lightsaber in a more widespread way.

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Watch Ultrasabers’ controversial lightsaber price increase coincides with May 4th (Star Wars Day) on YouTube

There are very notable omissions from the price hike. The ever popular Mystery Box Sabers and Grab Bag Sabers DID NOT go in price. Most, if not all, of Ultrasabers’ other lightsabers went up in price by at least $5, including: empty hilts, stunt sabers, and sound sabers.

Nobody every like paying more money than they would have before, but the timing of the Ultrasabers lightsaber price hike is interesting. Ultrasabers price increase coincided with both the unveiling of their new website layout AND Star Wars Day (May 4th). Some fans and saber enthusiasts are particularly upset about the price increase going into effect so close to May 4th, a day that traditionally boasts some of the best and biggest lightsaber sales and discounts of the year. In effect, the price increase cancels out a chunk of Ultrasabers’ May 4th savings for 15% off all sabers.

In addition to raising the prices on their sabers, Ultrasabers also increased the price of some smaller accessories like their Standard Blade Plug (originally $6; now $9) and their Circle Blade Plug (originally $9; now $12).

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How do you feel about the timing of the Ultrasabers price increase? Do you think Ultrasabers should have waited until after May 4th for their higher prices to go into effect?

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