Ultrasabers’ lightsaber price increase coincides with Star Wars Day

Ultrasabers lightsabers various models

Bad news, you guys–Ultrasabers raised their prices on many their sabers. The price hike isn’t very surprising because Ultrasabers had recently increased the prices on some of their smaller accessories like their Grab Bag Blades.  Raising on the prices on the smaller accessories was possibly the canary in the coal mine, indicating that Ultrasabers was … Read more

Ultrasabers Grab Bag Blade Price Hike (up to 60% increase!)

Ultrasabers lightsaber blades

As of late March 2018, Ultrasabers has hiked up the prices on their Grab Bag Blades, including both Initiate Grab Bag Blades (24 inch) and Full Size Grab Bag Blades (32, 36 or 40 inch blades). The Initiate Grab Bag Blades (24 inch) used to be $5 each and they are now $8 each. The Full Size … Read more

Why people hate Ultrasabers: What you should know

Ultrasabers lightsaber (various budget friendly hilt models)

Ultrasabers is a very popular and profitable custom saber company, but they’re not without some controversies. Let’s talk about some of the reasons that people hate Ultrasabers. There are plenty of reasons that people love Ultrasabers as well and I’d love to hear about things you like and things you don’t like about Ultrasabers in … Read more