AZ Sabers Nomad Lightsaber Released | New Saber Alert

AZ Sabers Nomad

The AZ Sabers Nomad lightsaber has been released. The custom saber, an original design, features a radiator style emitter and a bold, exoskeleton-like profile. AZ Sabers is selling Nomad, a limited run, as an empty hilt capable of accepting electronics. Nomad may be configured with an in-hilt LED or neopixel PCB with both a crystal … Read more

Vader’s Vault Combat Class Sabers Explained

Vader's Vault lightsabers

Vader’s Vault Combat Class Sabers are a category of sleek and balanced custom lightsabers designed for dueling, spinning and stunt work. Combat Class Sabers are generally a slim 1.25 inches in diameter in the grip section with an average length of about 10.25 inches long (with some exceptions). A chassis minimizes movement of the internal … Read more

GOTH-3Designs: Lightsaber Chassis and Accessory Company | Lightsaber Company Spotlight

GOTH-3Designs lightsaber chassis

GOTH-3Designs, sometimes called GOTH-3D, is a 3D printed lightsaber chassis and accessory company. Based in France, GOTH-3D primarily operates out of the GOTH-3Designs Shapeways store. Shapeways is a 3D printing service and marketplace. Although most GOTH-3Designs products are sold through the Shapeways store, some of the company’s lightsaber chassis are available for purchase in The … Read more

Top 6 Lightsaber Safety Tips

lightsabers from various companies

Wielding a lightsaber is a fun and exciting endeavor. As with any sport or hobby, however, it’s important to take some simple safety precautions in order minimize the risk of injury. Here are six tips to help you stay safe during lightsaber spinning and lightsaber duels. 1. Select a Safe and Duel Worthy Lightsaber Some … Read more

SaberMach Develops Precision ‘Rail System’ Chassis (New Saber Technology)

SaberMach rail system

SaberMach has released a new ‘Rail System’ chassis, made of machined delrin, that allows lightsaber enthusiasts to smoothly slide the chassis out of the hilt or back into the hilt without overly twisting or pulling on the wiring. The new SaberMach ‘Rail System’ chassis may help minimize unintended damage to the wiring and internals. The … Read more

The most exciting part about Bendu Armory is NOT the carbon fiber lightsaber hilt

Bendu Armory custom saber with QuickSwap chassis

Many lightsaber enthusiasts are talking about Bendu Armory, a new custom lightsaber manufacturer, because of the release of their carbon fiber lightsaber. Most current duel worthy lightsaber hilts are made from aluminum. Bendu Armory has developed the first carbon fiber lightsaber, or at least the first widely released carbon fiber lightsaber, on the market. Everyone’s … Read more

Sabertrio Vahlken Lightsaber full review | Stunt Saber

Sabertrio Vahlken lightsaber

This is a Sabertrio Vahlken [Etsy AFFILIATE LINK] and it’s in the stunt saber configuration (no sound) with a Royal Blue blade. The hilt measures 11.3 inches long with an average diameter of 1.42 inches. The hilt choke point below the emitter is a thinner than average section of the hilt, while the windowed emitter … Read more

What is ‘saber rattle’? | Lightsaber Terminology

custom saber battery pack

‘Saber rattle’ or wobble or lightsaber hilt rattle is when some of the internal components of a lightsaber move around and make some noise. For example some Ultrasabers lightsaber will experience saber rattle because the LED module is not held in place with a retention screw. Some lightsabers also have loose, unsecured battery packs, which … Read more

Why people hate Ultrasabers: What you should know

Ultrasabers lightsaber (various budget friendly hilt models)

Ultrasabers is a very popular and profitable custom saber company, but they’re not without some controversies. Let’s talk about some of the reasons that people hate Ultrasabers. There are plenty of reasons that people love Ultrasabers as well and I’d love to hear about things you like and things you don’t like about Ultrasabers in … Read more