SaberMach Develops Precision ‘Rail System’ Chassis (New Saber Technology)

SaberMach has released a new ‘Rail System’ chassis, made of machined delrin, that allows lightsaber enthusiasts to smoothly slide the chassis out of the hilt or back into the hilt without overly twisting or pulling on the wiring. The new SaberMach ‘Rail System’ chassis may help minimize unintended damage to the wiring and internals.

The new SaberMach ‘Rail System’ makes a ‘click’ sound to indicate that the user should stop pulling the chassis out or pushing the chassis back into the hilt. The track also prevents the chassis from twisting around.

The ‘Rail System’ chassis now comes standard with all Premium SaberMach lightsabers.

SaberMach is a midrange to high end custom saber manufacturer based in Singapore.


SaberMach (Etsy) [AFFILIATE LINK]


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