Why doesn’t the lightsaber blade fit in the hilt? | Troubleshooting 101

Sometimes a new lightsaber blade simply doesn’t seem fit in the lightsaber hilt. What gives? First of all, if a blade doesn’t  fit, don’t try to force the blade into the hilt. The blade might get stuck. A stuck lightsaber blade is a much worse problem than a blade that doesn’t fit in the hilt.

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Here are some troubleshooting tips for blades that don’t fit in a lightsaber hilt.

1. Make sure you purchased a blade with the correct diameter
Although most lightsabers accommodate 1 inch diameter blades, some lightsabers accomodate 7/8 inch diameter blades or 3/4 diameter blades. Make sure that you didn’t accidentally receive or mistakenly purchase a blade that’s too wide for your specific lightsaber hilt model.

2. Check to see if the blade retention screw is blocking the blade’s entry path
Sometimes a blade retention screw gets screwed too far into the hilt. Make sure the blade socket pathway is clear before attempting to install a blade on the hilt. Unscrew the blade retention screw if it’s a bit too far into the hilt.

3. Sand down the blade
In theory, if you purchase a 1 inch diameter blade, you will receive a 1 inch diameter blade. In reality, sometimes the lightsaber blade is just slightly larger than 1 inch in diameter. The slight increase in diameter might be just enough of a difference to prevent the blade from properly fitting in the hilt. Some lightsaber companies are better about ensuring their blades are 1 inch in diameter than others.

If you receive a blade that’s slightly too wide for the hilt, you can sand down the tang (i.e. the few inches of blade that fit into the hilt) in order to make the blade fit.

* * *

When all else fails, contact the seller that sold you the blade. The seller should be able to give you tips on fixing the blade problem as well.

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