What is a protosaber? | Lightsaber Terminology

A protosaber is a corded, archaic, single-bladed lightsaber design from Star Wars Legends. Protosabers, which are used during the Old Republic era, are the first known lightsabers.

Like later lightsabers, the protosaber contains a kyber crystal inside the hilt and the hilt emits a plasma blade. Unlike later lightsabers, the protosaber requires the use of a cumbersome external power pack. A cable connects the end of the protosaber hilt to the external power pack. Protosaber users carry the external power pack on their back or on their hip.

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As an early lightsaber design, the protosaber is more technologically limited in its combat capabilities than later lightsabers. The cable restricts the protosaber wielder’s movements and disallows telekinetic lightsaber combat techniques (e.g. saber throws). Additionally, the primitive power pack only supplies the protosaber with energy for a short period of time, hindering the weapon’s viability and practicality in longer-duration combat encounters.

The protosaber first appeared in the Star Wars comic book series Tales of the Jedi: The Golden Age of the Sith (1997).

Protosabers in Real Life

Fan made protosaber | IMAGE CREDIT Logermeister via RPF

No officially licensed protosaber products have ever been produced. None of the major custom saber companies make a protosaber, although one-off fan made protosaber props do exist. Logermeister posted photos of his homemade protosaber The Replica Prop Forum (RPF).

COVER IMAGE Protosaber-wielding Jedi and Sith clash during the Hundred-Years of Darkness conflict.

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