What is a protosaber? | Lightsaber Terminology

protosaber lightsaber

A protosaber is a corded, archaic, single-bladed lightsaber design from Star Wars Legends. Protosabers, which are used during the Old Republic era, are the first known lightsabers. Like later lightsabers, the protosaber contains a kyber crystal inside the hilt and the hilt emits a plasma blade. Unlike later lightsabers, the protosaber requires the use of … Read more

Lightsaber Parts and ‘Power Cell’ Battery Decals: An Interview with Skywampa

Skywampa, a United Kingdom based Etsy store, specializes in staple DIY lightsaber parts including: clamp cards, D-rings, a crystal chamber and even some uncommon and popular ‘power cell’ style battery decals. On Etsy since 2014, Skywampa has made over 2200 sales to date. SaberSourcing interviewed Skywampa about his UK based lightsaber parts store. Can you … Read more