Lightsaber Collection Spotlight: Lauj from Minnesota

LAUJ’S LIGHTSABER COLLECTION (from left to right): Kyberlight, Vader’s Vault Havoc (#1), Vader’s Vault Havoc (#2), Texas Custom Sabers Skinny Starkiller, Phoenix Props / 7 Chambers Starkiller, Cloud City Sabers Starkiller, Roman Props Flashgun 4 (top of photo)

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Kyberlight (Kickstarter) acquired summer 2016
Saw a Facebook ad about the Kyberlight Kickstarter and I signed up in the summer of 2016. Was very excited for my first sabers ever, having never owned Hasbros or Master Replicas. Was a little disappointed so I started my purchase of a pair of Vader’s Vault Havocs.


Roman Props Flashgun 4 (Gen 2) acquired Holiday 2018
I never cared much for the canon sabers but the holiday sale on the Roman Props flashgun 4 Battle Worn was too good to pass, making it my most recent acquisition. Knowing that it’s a working replica Graflex flash made it more exciting to own since it made me feel closer to the original film. I’ve jerryrigged it to work with an 18650 battery since I don’t have D cell batteries.

Darth Alice Sabers Katana or Darth Alice Sabers Slim Kota
My dream saber is a Darth Alice Sabers Katana or Slim Kota. I own a random flea market katana and a replica of the Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance HF Blade, but those aren’t meant for contact. After acquiring a Vader’s Vault Mitsurugi 3000 and looking at the inspiration, owning a Darth Alice Sabers katana was the next step.

Twin Vader’s Vault Dark Havoc in Chrome and Gold
with RGB accent LEDs, dual side-shrouds, and RGB brass AV switch. They are one of the most common Vader’s Vault model but completely unique in configuration. They get everyone’s attention, made sabers of the week in The Vault Facebook group, and are perfectly comfortable in single, dual, or staff configuration. Also with Darkside Engineering RT2BB with Shredder Up blade plug.

Shortly after receiving the Kyberlight, I set out to get a Vader’s Vault saber, combing their store and website for a few months. I got into Star Wars thanks to Ray Park’s fighting scenes as Darth Maul so I wanted a staff saber. In January 2017, I made the purchase for a pair of Dark Havocs with a coupler.

Fast forward several months and I wanted to make some upgrades thanks to inspiration from 2 members of The Vault Facebook group and new available features of the latest soundboard. Fast forward to July 2018 and now I have my favorite sabers. I made it through the long wait by buying more sabers. That’s not a problem, right?

TFU1 Starkiller
I currently have 3 models in possession: Texas Custom Sabers Skinny, Cloud City Sabers, and Phoenix Props/7 Chambers. Looking forward to the Saber Royale and Korbanth models.

I like the TFU1 Starkiller saber because it was iconic of one of the most powerful characters in the Star Wars universe. Plus it could change colors! Each model I own serves a different purpose so that’s why I currently have 3 and am looking to get more. Holding any model of this saber reminds me of the fun times I had playing the game and it makes me able to bring down a Star Destroyer.

The promotional TFU2 sabers would be my runner up. I don’t care much about the movie, comic, or novel sabers, but the original Graflex saber would be my choice simply because it started it all. Without it, Star Wars wouldn’t have caught my attention.

The best part about lightsabers is…how they make me feel like a Jedi, being immersed with the sounds and lights they make. Even my empty ones bring me great joy as I pick them up, imagine the lights and sounds as I swing, and ponder how best to wield them.

Thanks so much to Lauj for sharing his lightsaber collection with us!

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