Lightsaber Battery Maintenance Tips: What You Should Know

If you haven’t used your lightsaber for more than 2 or 3 months, then you need to check the state of your batteries. Checking your batteries is part of routine lightsaber maintenance that helps prevent damaging the battery and, in some cases, damaging the lightsaber itself.

What is blade flicker? | Lightsaber Terminology

Kylo Ren and his red-bladed crossguard lightsaber

Blade flicker is a visual effect that simulates a flame-like unsteady flare or lively glimmer in a lightsaber blade. Unstable blades, like the blades on the Kylo Ren lightsaber or the Dark Rey folding lightsaber, exhibit blade flicker. A flicker may range in speed and depth. For example, a flicker could appear fast and chaotic … Read more

Stuck Blade Plug Problem: 6 Easy Removal Ideas for Lightsaber Enthusiasts | Troubleshooting 101

stuck blade plug

Stuck blade plug? You’re not alone. Getting a blade plug stuck inside a lightsaber hilt is a frustratingly common problem among custom lightsaber enthusiasts. Here are six possible ways to remove a stuck blade plug. CAUTION, PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK. Unfortunately, all methods for removing a stuck blade plug risk damaging the blade plug … Read more

Savi’s Workshop Lightsaber Battery Replacement Tutorial | Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge

Savi's Workshop battery replacement

Where’s the battery pack and how do you change the batteries on a Savi’s Workshop lightsaber? Savi’s Workshop is the build your own lightsaber experience at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland and Disney World. Watch Savi’s Workshop Battery Replacement Tutorial (Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge) on YouTube Savi’s Workshop lightsabers run on 3 AAA batteries. … Read more

Why doesn’t the lightsaber blade fit in the hilt? | Troubleshooting 101

full size lightsaber blade

Sometimes a new lightsaber blade simply doesn’t seem fit in the lightsaber hilt. What gives? First of all, if a blade doesn’t  fit, don’t try to force the blade into the hilt. The blade might get stuck. A stuck lightsaber blade is a much worse problem than a blade that doesn’t fit in the hilt. Here … Read more

How to PREVENT a Stuck Lightsaber Blade Plug

lightsaber blade plugs

If you’ve ever experienced a lightsaber blade plug getting stuck in your hilt’s blade socket, you know it’s a frustrating problem. Even worse, while attempting to remove the stuck blade plug you could accidentally damage the blade plug and lightsaber hilt in the process. Prevention is always better than troubleshooting after the fact, so let’s … Read more

Top 4 Social Media Platforms Lightsaber Enthusiasts MUST Know About

lightsabers from various companies

Out of the many social media platforms on the internet, there are four standouts that every lightsaber enthusiasts must know about. These platforms provide invaluable resources for buyers, sellers and anyone who wants the stay up to speed with new lightsaber companies, products, and technologies. Watch Top 4 Social Media Platforms Lightsaber Enthusiasts MUST Know About … Read more

How to fix a lightsaber crackling sound problem | Troubleshooting 101

Saberforge Phoenix lightsaber pommel

Did your lightsaber start making a crackling sound when you turn it on, kind of like old Walkie Talkie static? The last time I booted up my Saberforge Phoenix, the sound quality emanating from the speaker seemed deteriorated and more crackly than before. Was the lightsaber speaker or internal electronics damaged or broken? Thankfully, no. … Read more

What is ‘saber rattle’? | Lightsaber Terminology

custom saber battery pack

‘Saber rattle’ or wobble or lightsaber hilt rattle is when some of the internal components of a lightsaber move around and make some noise. For example some Ultrasabers lightsaber will experience saber rattle because the LED module is not held in place with a retention screw. Some lightsabers also have loose, unsecured battery packs, which … Read more

Are Ultrasabers lightsaber blades and blade plugs compatible with other custom sabers companies?

Ultrasabers lightsaber blade plug

In theory, Ultrasabers blades and blade plugs should work with ANY lightsaber hilt designed for a 1 inch diameter blade. Ultrasabers blades and blade plugs are listed as measuring 1 inch in diameter, after all. In reality, some Ultrasabers blades and blade plugs don’t fit due to a slight variation in diameter. Ultrasabers quality control … Read more