Top 4 Social Media Platforms Lightsaber Enthusiasts MUST Know About

Out of the many social media platforms on the internet, there are four standouts that every lightsaber enthusiasts must know about. These platforms provide invaluable resources for buyers, sellers and anyone who wants the stay up to speed with new lightsaber companies, products, and technologies.

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1. YouTube

YouTube is a critical platform for the custom saber community. Lots of lightsaber buyers and sellers post lightsaber unboxing videos, reviews, demonstrations, tutorials, DIY projects, short films, and more.

2. Facebook
Many lightsaber companies, large and small, use Facebook pages to announce new products and connect with their fans and buyers. Some custom saber companies and sabersmiths start out as a Facebook page and grow into a company with an Etsy store or dedicated website.

Some of the most popular lightsaber discussion groups are on Facebook as well. Two of the largest and most active lightsaber Facebook groups are: Custom Lightsaber Owners, SaberForge, ParkSabers, Ultrasabers, FX, JK, JQ (a group run by Saberforge) and The Vault: A Custom Lightsaber Community  (a group run by Vader’s Vault). Although both of these Facebook groups are run by specific custom saber companies, the groups allow discussion of other custom saber companies and topics as well.

The Facebook lightsaber groups can be a great way to find advice or answers to lightsaber related questions. People will ask for lightsaber recommendations, troubleshooting assistance or lightsaber designing and building tips.

Lightsaber Facebook groups will also often feature a marketplace for lightsaber buying, selling and trading. Some people will even make “Is anyone willing to sell their XYZ hilt model?” posts. Facebook can be a great place to purchase lightsabers or find replacement lightsaber parts.

3. Instagram
The custom saber community on Instagram is huge and thriving. Like Facebook, many custom saber companies have Instagram accounts to showcase their products. Also like Facebook, some custom saber companies get their start selling lightsabers on Instagram. Instagram is a visual platform where users post images and short videos of lightsabers. Many costuming groups (e.g. 501st) and lightsaber dueling groups (The Saber Legion and Ludo Sport) are on Instagram.

4. Reddit
Reddit has a very active lightsaber-themed subreddit called r/lightsabers with nearly 10,000 subscribers. Since Reddit allows users upvote (or downvote) posts, the popular topics, links and images of the moment rise to the top. Reddit can help people follow lightsaber trends along with cool lightsaber projects.

There are some great lightsaber forums out there, including:
The Rebel Armory
The Custom Saber Shop Forums
Saberforge used to have a fan-run lightsaber message board called Saber Forge Forums, but the company shut down the forums in April 2018. You can still find an archive copy of some threads on

The lightsaber community is not quite as active on Pintrest, Google+ or Twitter as it is on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit, however those platforms may still be worth checking out as well.

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