LToyCreations Offers Intriguing Light-up Mandalorian Knife Vibrodagger

Etsy seller LToyCreations [AFFILIATE LINK] is one the few sellers that offers a Mandalorian-style Vibrodagger or Vibroblade that lights up. The vibrodagger, which is comprised of a 3D printed plastic handle and a flat acrylic blade, contains a blue, red, green or white LED that illuminates the flat acrylic blade. The LED is powered by two AAA batteries. The buyer can select a plain blade, an etched blade, or a custom blade design. The vibrodagger is a show blade only and is NOT duel worthy.

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LToyCreations custom vibrodagger

In addition to the LED Vibrodagger, LToyCreations sells a less expensive, non-light up variant of a vibrodagger and a Dark Saber-style flat acrylic lightsaber blade designed to work with lightsaber hilts from various custom saber manufacturers.

Although the item is not technically a lightsaber dagger, if you’re looking to add an unusual lightsaber-like accessory to your collection or if you’re considering arming your Mandalorian, Sith, or Jedi cosplay character a flashy, back-up melee weapon, the LToyCreation vibrodagger might be worth a look.

LToyCreations Etsy Store [AFFILIATE LINK]

IMAGE CREDIT: LToyCreations Etsy Store

LToyCreations demos the LED Vibrodagger on Instagram.

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