Covertec and D-Ring Belt Clip ALTERNATIVES: Wearing Your Lightsaber

The Covertec Belt Clip is one of the most commonly used devices for wearing a lightsaber. How a Covertec Clip works is you attach the clip to your belt or pants. Many lightsabers are equipped with a Covertec wheel or knob that allows the lightsaber to attach to the Covertec Clip.

Some saber enthusiasts are frustrated with the Covertec Clip, even though the device is so commonly available and widely used in the saber community. The Covertec Clip has a few weaknesses. The clip on the back of the device can break or slip off the wearer’s belt. The opening and closing mechanism can break as well.

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Let’s talks about some of the Covertec clip alternatives for wearing your lightsaber. Although the D-ring belt clip is a major Covertec clip alternative, this article primarily discusses other alternatives. The list of Covertec Clip alternatives is in no particular order.

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1. SaberKraft SaberMount (IRIS, IRIS Pro, Claw, Classic)

SaberKraft SaberMount Iris Belt Clip (IMAGE CREDIT: SaberKraft)

SaberKraft, based in Turkey, sells multiple styles of SaberMount belt clips, which are designed for a Covertec wheel to hook into the device. The styles include: SaberMount IRIS, SaberMount IRIS Pro, SaberMount Claw and SaberMount Classic. Iris and Iris Pro are both brand new 2018 products. SaberMount Classic and Claw are existing designs.

All of the SaberKraft SaberMount devices are made out of aluminum (some designs use a small amount of plastic as well). The wearer attaches the SaberMount to their belt by looping their belt through device.

2. DarkLyte Customs Saberlok 2.0 and Saberlok D

DarkLyte Customs Saberlok 2.0 (Image Credit: DarkLyte Customs)

DarkLyte Customs is an Etsy seller based in the United States that makes Saberlok 2.0 and Saberlok D. Saberlok 2.0 is designed for lightsabers with Covertec wheels and Saberlok is designed for lightsabers with a D-ring.

The Saberlok devices are made out of plastic. To wear the Saberlok, the user loops their belt through the device. The company offers multiple sizes of Saberlok to accommodate several different belt widths.

Unfortunately, as of May 2018, DarkLyte Customs has suspended production of Saberlok 2.0 and Saberlok D for the moment. The company intends to restart production of Saberlok devices at some point in the future, although DarkLyte Customs has not provided a date for the device’s return. Contact DarkLyte Customs directly with any questions.

3. GalacticGeekProps Lightsaber Covertec Clip

GalacticGeekProps Lightsaber Covertec Clip (Image Credit: GalacticGeekProps)

Etsy seller GalacticGeekProps sells a 3D printed Covertec Clip with a different design. Like a traditional Covertec clip, the device clips to the belt. Unlike traditional Covertec clips that require the pressing of both side buttons to attach or remove the lightsaber hilt, the GalacticGeekProps Lightsaber Covertec Clip allows the lightsaber’s Covertec wheel to just slide into the device without pressing any buttons.

Since the item is 3D printed, the wearer may want to smooth over some of the edges by sanding the Covertec Clip down.

4. Vader’s Vault Saber Holster

Vader’s Vault Saber Holster (Image Credit: Vader’s Vault)

Switching gears away from belt clips altogether, Vader’s Vault sells a leather Saber Holster. The wearer attaches the piece to their belt by looping the belt through the holster. The holster is designed to hold a lightsaber hilt without the blade. Vader’s Vault does not specify the size of the holster, so you may want to contact Vader’s Vault to ensure that your lightsaber hilt model would fit.

A bit benefit of the Vader’s Vault Saber Holster is the user’s lightsaber hilt doesn’t need a Covertec clip or D-ring. Another benefit is the holster offers the wearer easy access to the lightsaber hilt (i.e. no button pressing or clipping-in/clipping-out required to access the hilt). A downside is the holster covers up most of the lightsaber hilt.

5. OddToddsLeather Cosplay Belt Mark III adjustable leather lightsaber holster (1.5 inches or 2.25 inches)

OddToddsLeather Cosplay Belt Mark III adjustable leather lightsaber holster (1.5 inches or 2.25 inches)

Etsy seller OddToddsLeather makes a leather lightsaber holster designed for hold lightsabers with the blade installed. The holster is designed for sabers with 1 inch diameter blades. The direction of the tube is adjustable.

A big benefit of a holster is it allows the user to wear their lightsaber with the blade. Many other lightsaber-wearing devices only allow the user to wear the hilt without the blade.

The company offers holster for two belt widths: 1.5 inches and 2.25 inches.

6. WonderForce Leather Lightsaber Sheath Bag

WonderForce Leather Lightsaber Sheath Bag (Image Credit: WonderForce)

The WonderForce Leather Lightsaber Sheath Bag differs from lightsaber holsters because the bag has a handle that allows the user to wear the lightsaber on their back.

The bag is designed for 1 inch diameter lightsaber blades that are 36 inches long (the bag covers the blade portion of the lightsaber.

A benefit of the sheath bag is it allows the user to wear the the lightsaber with the blade. Also, wearing the lightsaber on the back may help free up the wearer’s range of motion.

Park Sabers Belt Clip DISCONTINUED

Park Sabers Belt Clip (Image Credit: Park Sabers)

Park Sabers used to manufacture a metal belt clip the could hold lightsabers with a Covertec wheel or lightsabers with a D-ring. Unfortunately the device seems to be out of production.

The metal material made the clip sturdier than the traditional plastic Covertec clip.

SaberForge Covertech Belt Clip System 2.0 DISCONTINUED

SaberForge used to make a versatile plastic belt clip that could hold lightsabers with a Covertec wheel or lightsabers with a D-ring. The device appears to be out of production, however.

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