Solo’s Hold Padawan Empty Lightsaber Hilt DIY full review DISCONTINUED

This is a Solo’s Hold Padawan empty lightsaber hilt. It’s made of aluminum and is very lightweight, short (only about 9.5 inches long) and and thin. The hilt’s low profile makes Padawan a shoto lightsaber, which could be an appropriate size for kids or people with smaller hands. The hilt could also make a good one-handed lightsaber. The inside diameter (ID) is 1.15 inches, the outside diameter (OD) is 1.25 inches and it is designed for a 1 inch diameter blade.

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The emitter area features small windows. Below the windows are a series of four grooves and the blade retention screw. The grooves would be a nice feature to weather, add O-rings, or decorate in some way.

The middle of the hilt features the switch hole and choke point below that. Finally, the grip area is sort of a swirled grip. The pommel is vented, allowing for sound installs. Solo’s Hold also includes a Covertec wheel that can be installed near the pommel of the hilt.

Solo’s Hold manufactures a special vented coupler to join two Padawan lightsaber hilts together. I’m not aware of this coupler being compatible with any other companies or of couplers made by other companies being compatible with Padawan. Since the hilt is somewhat short, the combined length of two hilts and the coupler is under two feet, which is a manageable and maneuverable lightsaber staff length.

As of 2018, Solo’s Hold has discontinued production of the Padawan hilt. The company appears to still have some hilts in stock (as of 8/20/2018), but if you’ve been eyeing the Padawan hilt, you probably want to purchase it while you can because it may become harder to find in the near future.

Solo’s Hold sells the Padawan hilt both empty and installed with electronics.

Solo’s Hold website

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