What is a show blade? (lightsaber terminology)

A show blade is a lightsaber blade intended for ‘show’ only and not for heavy dueling. Show blades are intended for display, spinning, and looking awesome. Show blades are NOT duel worthy because part of the blade could be damaged or destroyed during heavy dueling.

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Ripper Blades manufactures many show blades. For example, the Ninja Ripper Blade is considered to be a show blade because it’s made out of acrylic and acrylic is a more fragile type of plastic than polycarbonate. Many standard cylindrical lightsaber blades are polycarbonate blades.

Etsy seller Cosplay Covers produces flame blade covers that are show blade covers. How the covers work is they slide over a lightsaber blade. The Flame Blade Covers have very detailed pieces that could be damaged easily during dueling.

Finally, some thin-walled lightsaber blades are considered show blades simply because they’re very thin and you could not do full contact dueling without damaging the blade. Thin-walled blades also allow more of the light from the LED to shine through, so sabers with thin-walled blades are brighter and more attractive than sabers with thicker blades.

Ninja Ripper Blades (from Ripper Blades):

Flame Blade Covers from fire1st (eBay) or CosplayCovers (etsy):
Flame Blade Covers (from eBay sellers fire1st) [DISCLAIMER: This is an affiliate link]
Flame Blade Covers (from etsy seller CosplayCovers)

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Do you have any show blades or show blade covers?

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