Blue Force Sabers Galactic Empire Tsuba full review lightsaber accessory etsy seller

The Blue Force Sabers Galactic Empire tsuba, a Japanese katana-inspired lightsaber hand guard, is an accessory that can be added to ANY lightsaber with a 1 inch diameter blade. Blue Force Sabers did send this item to me for free to review, so thank you very much Blue Force Sabers.

This tsuba features the Imperial cog of the Galactic Empire. Blue Force Sabers offers 7 other designs as well, most of which are circular, along with a squarish design with rounded corners and a tsuba that looks a bit like a ninja star.

Attaching the tsuba to lightsaber is very easy. You just slip the tsuba over the lightsaber blade–the tsuba attaches to any 1 inch diameter blade from any saber company–and then tighten the tsuba’s 8-32 blade retention screw into the blade.

Adding the tsuba to your saber is a great way to add some extra flair to a saber and it’s an easy way to add some interest to an otherwise ‘boring’ flashlight lightsaber hilt. The 8-32 blade retention screw adds versatility, allowing saber wielders to conveniently add and remove the tsuba as they see fit.

Blue Force Saber’s tsuba is a hand painted, 3D printed item. The tsuba is made from 3D filament and is solid, not hollow.

In addition to lightsaber tsubas, etsy seller Blue Force Sabers does also sell lightsaber blade plugs, both stunt and sound sabers, and a few other lightsaber accessories as well.

Blue Force Sabers on etsy:

Blue Force Sabers on YouTube:

Blue Force Sabers Saber Tsuba unboxing


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