What is a lightsaber blade retention screw? | Lightsaber Terminology

A lightsaber blade retention screw is a tiny screw that allows you to attach and remove a lightsaber blade to a lightsaber hilt. Blade retention screws can come in several different styles and lengths. One of the most common blade retention screw sizes is 8-32 (in various styles and lengths).

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Different custom saber companies and even different lightsaber hilt models within the same company may use a different screw size from the standard 8-32 size. For example, Ultrasabers uses 8-32 blade retention screws on many of their basic to mid-range lightsabers, but the Emperor’s Hand, Graflex SE, and other more premium lightsabers use a larger diameter screw.

Knowing the blade retention screw size is important so that you select the proper size hex key to tighten or loose the screw. You also want to make sure you know whether the blade retention screw uses the Imperial system (sometimes called ‘Standard’) or Metric system. You also want to make sure you get the proper blade retention screw length for your specific lightsaber hilt model.

Blade retention screws are installed near the top of the lightsaber hilt in the emitter area. When removing the blade from the lightsaber hilt, you typically only unscrew the blade retention screw just far enough so that you’re able to remove the blade. You typically don’t want to remove the screw altogether from the hilt, because blade retention screws are very small and easy to lose.

Many lightsabers use a 5/64″ hex key (sometimes called allen wrench) to tighten or loose a blade retention screw. You can usually purchase a hex key for $1 or so from the custom saber company. You may be able to purchase a cheaper hex key from a hardware store.

Hex key multi tools can also be handy for tightening or removing blade retention screws of various screw sizes. Bondhus manufactures some inexpensive and highly rated fold-up hex key multi tools.

Bondhus 12591 GorillaGrip Set of 9 Hex Fold-up Keys, sizes .050-3/16-Inch
Bondhus 12550 GorillaGrip Set of 12 Hex Fold-up Keys, sizes 5/64-5/32-Inch & 1.5-5mm

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  1. does anyone know what size blade retention screw I need for an emperors hand lightsaber? want to buy a thumb screw for it but don’t know the size. thanks!


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