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A hex key, sometimes called a hex wrench or Allen wrench, is a simple tool used to tighten or loosen bolts and screws with a hexagon shaped socket. Commonly made of steel, the hex key is typically formed into a bent “L” shape with a long arm and a short arm. Custom lightsabers often require the use of hex keys in order to adjust screws on the hilt. A custom saber’s blade retention screw, the screw that allows the user to attach and remove the blade, is commonly adjusted with a hex key.

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Most custom lightsabers require a hex key to drive the blade retention screw. LED module retention screws, Covertec wheel screws and various other screws around the lightsaber hilt may require a hex key to tighten or loosen the screws as well.

Hex keys help tighten and loosen the blade retention screw and other screws on many custom lightsaber hilts.

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Hex keys are available in both Imperial sizes and metric sizes. United States based custom saber companies commonly use the Imperial system while custom saber companies other countries may use the metric system.

Although custom sabers commonly require a 5/64″ hex key to tighten or loosen the blade retention screw, different companies and even different hilt designs within the same company may require different hex key sizes. Individual custom saber companies often sell single hex keys and can help the buyer select the proper size hex key for their specific hilt.

Acquiring a hex key set or a hex key multi tool is a simple and cost-effective way to ensure that you have a proper size hex key on hand for all of your present and future custom sabers. Bondhus produces a line of inexpensive and highly rated fold-up hex key multi tools.

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