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Phoenix Props Jedi Killer lightsaber is now open for pre-orders. The single-hilt custom saber, inspired by the design of a Kylo Ren concept lightsaber (TFA), features a black finish, an exposed crystal chamber, and a red wire running down the hilt.

Phoenix Props Jedi Killer Pre-Order Form [GOOGLE DOC]

The pre-ordering window for the limited run hilt closes on January 18, 2020. The estimated shipping date is in April 2020. Jedi Killer is available as an empty hilt kit. Optional assembly and weathering services are available as well. Phoenix Props Jedi Killer is designed and sold by Watto’s Junkyard.

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Phoenix Props Jedi Killer lightsaber hilt with added weathering | IMAGE CREDIT Phoenix Props

The Jedi Killer hilt is comprised of anodized black aluminum with brass, copper, and anodized black steel. A copper heat sink is built into the hilt’s chamber. All switches and screws necessary to build the hilt are included as well as a blade plug. The blade holder takes a 1 inch diameter blade and can accept a 1 inch neopixel adapter.

The exposed crystal chamber is machined and modular so the piece can be modified or replaced with a different crystal chamber, if desired. The detailed crystal chamber is made from brass, copper, aluminum and steel.

Chassis kits for Jedi Killer are in development. Saberproject Shop and Gonk 3D Works will release chassis’ for the Jedi Killer hilt in their respective Shapeways stores.

Phoenix Props and Watto’s Junkyard are two custom saber companies based in Germany. Both companies specialize in making character inspired hilts.

Phoenix Props (Facebook)

Watto’s Junkyard (Facebook)

Image depicts Phoenix Props Jedi Killer lightsaber.

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