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Kyberlight released a new Matte Black lightsaber version of the standard Kyberlight Saber. The custom saber, which is limited edition, features a black hilt along with three black accessories. The black lightsaber exudes a tactical, covert and dark side vibe. The full title of the new product is LIMITED EDITION Custom Lightsaber KNIGHT Pack (MATTE BLACK). Kyberlight had previously released a limited edition gold hilt, which was discontinued in 2019. The standard Kyberlight hilt is a silver color.

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KYBERLIGHT Lightsabers

Kyberlight Matte Black Lightsaber Hilt (top) and black accessories (bottom) | IMAGE CREDIT Kyberlight

The Kyberlight Matte Black lightsaber uses the same electronics (e.g. sound board, 12W LED and LED driver, rechargeable battery, etc.) as the standard silver colored Kyberlight Saber. The Kyberlight Matte Black hilt is almost entirely black, except for the silver colored vertical grooves in the mid to lower section of the hilt and a series of small silver colored indentations in emitter area.

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Along with the hilt, the Matte Black lightsaber includes a 32 inch blade, a charger and three black accessories. The accessories include: Dark Kepler Top Piece, Dark Adaption Sleeve (shroud) and Matte Black Nova Pommel Piece. The lightsaber wielder could also mix and match various other Kyberlight accessories with the hilt as well (sold separately).

Kyberlight Sabers is a United States based custom saber company that developed a system of mix-and-match accessories that attach to the company’s base lightsaber hilt. Kyberlight started through a Kickstarter campaign in 2015.

Kyberlight website affiliate link
KYBERLIGHT Lightsabers

Image depicts 3D rendering of the Limited Edition Matte Black Kyberlight Saber

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