Kyberlight Releases GOLD Lightsaber Hilt Limited Edition | NEW SABER ALERT

Custom lightsaber manufacturer Kyberlight just released a new gold-colored lightsaber hilt. The company states that the Kyberlight Gold Lightsaber is limited edition, but does not specify the available quantities or when the gold hilt may be discontinued.

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All of the internal electronics of the Kyberlight Gold are the same as the existing Kyberlight hilt. The only difference is the anodized gold-colored appearance of the hilt. The gold variant is also slightly more expensive than the standard Kyberlight hilt.

Nearly every external component of the Kyberlight Gold Hilt appears to be gold colored. The hilt piece itself is gold colored, although according to photos on the Kyberlight website, the two AV switches are metallic silver colored and the plastic piece surrounding the recharge port is still black. Some of the small screws that attach the sleeve or top piece to the hilt are also still metallic silver colored.

The top piece, middle sleeve, and pommel on Kyberlight Gold are all gold-colored. Even smaller pieces like the Covertec wheel and thumbscrew are gold colored.

Kyberlight Gold is slightly more expensive than the existing Kyberlight hilt. The Kyberlight Gold Knight Pack and Kyberlight Gold Master Pack are each $26 more than the standard Knight Pack or Master Pack.

Kyberlight Gold (Limited Edition) from [AFFILIATE LINK]

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  1. Cool, if the photo shown is gold it doesn’t show up well. Have been saving a piece of gold colored pipe to do a gold version of Luke’s. Old Jedi Jim.


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