What is a Frankensaber? | Lightsaber Terminology

A Frankensaber is a slang term for a lightsaber the combines pieces from two or more lightsabers or other sources. Frankensabers are often created by cannibalizing components from multiple existing sabers and could include external pieces (e.g. pommels, midsections, emitters, etc), internal pieces (e.g. soundboards, wiring, LED module, etc) or some combination of the two.

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‘Frankensaber’ is a portmanteau of ‘Frankenstein’ and ‘Lightsaber’. The term Frankensaber can have a bit of negative connotation, implying that the resulting lightsaber is a ‘monster’ or ‘freak’ in its appearance. Frankensabers can also sometimes be perceived as cool and interesting hybrids paying homage to multiple lightsaber hilt styles.

Ultrasabers offered a Frankensaber as a freebie item around the time of Halloween 2018. The company said it created its Frankensabers by combining pieces of various lightsaber hilts in its inventory. Ultrasabers does not sell Frankensabers outright anywhere on its website.

The Frankensaber depicted in the article and its corresponding video is comprised of pieces from: Ultrasabers, The Custom Saber Shop and Sabertrio.

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