Ultrasabers Frankensaber Lightsaber Full Review | Azure Mantis and Reaper Hybrid Hilt

Ultrasabers Frankensaber lightsaber

Check out this unusual Ultrasabers Frankensaber. A Frankensaber is a lightsaber hilt that Ultrasabers makes by combining different components from different hilts in their store in order to create a strange and uncommon hybrid lightsaber. Watch Ultrasabers Frankensaber Lightsaber Full Review (Azure Mantis and Reaper Hybrid Hilt) on YouTube The Ultrasabers Frankensaber in this review … Read more

What is a Frankensaber? | Lightsaber Terminology

Frankensaber lightsaber

A Frankensaber is a slang term for a lightsaber the combines pieces from two or more lightsabers or other sources. Frankensabers are often created by cannibalizing components from multiple existing sabers and could include external pieces (e.g. pommels, midsections, emitters, etc), internal pieces (e.g. soundboards, wiring, LED module, etc) or some combination of the two. … Read more