Ultrasabers Frankensaber Lightsaber Full Review | Azure Mantis and Reaper Hybrid Hilt

Check out this unusual Ultrasabers Frankensaber. A Frankensaber is a lightsaber hilt that Ultrasabers makes by combining different components from different hilts in their store in order to create a strange and uncommon hybrid lightsaber.

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The Ultrasabers Frankensaber in this review combines parts from the Azure Mantis and Reaper lightsabers. The Frankensaber is about 90% Azure Mantis and 10% Reaper. All of the blue sections of the hilt along with the shiny metallic silver piece in the emitter section are from Azure Mantis. The black section with the activation switch is from Reaper. The hilt is about 1.7 inches in diameter.

The concept of Ultrasabers creating “Frankenstein’s monster” like mashup or hybrid lightsabers is pretty neat, however, Ultrasabers-made Frankensabers are hard to come by. Ultrasabers DOES NOT sell Frankensabers in the store.

The only way you can currently get a Frankensaber from Ultrasabers is as a promotional item during certain sales. Ultrasabers sometimes makes a Frankensaber available as a freebie item if you spend a certain amount of money on an order and claim the freebie item with a special coupon code during checkout. Alternatively, a lightsaber enthusiast could build their own Ultrasabers Frankensaber by purchasing Ultrasabers lightsaber parts separately (e.g. emitter, body, pommel) and assembling and the Frankensaber themselves.

The Frankensaber is predominantly a light blue color. The lightsaber, which is configured as a stunt saber (no sound), also features a Guardian blue blade. The emitter section features a series of three metallic silver groove and three long, cutout slots that allow the blue blade to show through. The small, pinhole windows in the emitter encircle the lower part of the emitter section. The neck features a shiny, polished metal section with triangular, arrow-shaped cutouts and a few small grooves.

The hilt tapers at the activation section, which is derived from the Reaper lightsaber. The anodized black activation area features some metallic silver colored vertical, engraved lines and the AV switch that activates the lightsaber.

The lower grip section is comprised of a shroud with a ribbed under body with a twisty appearance. Finally, a blue ‘door knob’ style pommel with a metallic silver colored cube ring caps off the end of the hilt. The MHS compatible pommel is the same design used on the Ultrasabers Guardian lightsaber hilt (a Obi-Wan Kenobi TPM/AOTC style hilt).

All in all, the Frankensaber is an eclectic and attractive hybrid of Ultrasabers Azure Mantis and Ultrasabers Reaper. In fact, the Frankensaber is essentially a non-curved version of Azure Mantis (Mantis is the only curved, Dooku style lightsaber hilt currently manufactured by Ultrasabers).

How do you like the design of the Frankensaber? What’s your ideal Frankensaber?

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