Ultrasabers Frankensaber Lightsaber Full Review | Azure Mantis and Reaper Hybrid Hilt

Ultrasabers Frankensaber lightsaber

Check out this unusual Ultrasabers Frankensaber. A Frankensaber is a lightsaber hilt that Ultrasabers makes by combining different components from different hilts in their store in order to create a strange and uncommon hybrid lightsaber. Watch Ultrasabers Frankensaber Lightsaber Full Review (Azure Mantis and Reaper Hybrid Hilt) on YouTube The Ultrasabers Frankensaber in this review … Read more

The Custom Saber Shop Light-Up Lightsaber Keychain Promo Full review

The Custom Saber Shop keychain

Here’s a cute little light-up lightsaber keychain that I received from The Custom Saber Shop. This is a promotional item–it’s not for sale in The Custom Saber Shop’s store (at least, not at the moment). The keychain is a piece of swag, featuring a logo for The Custom Saber Shop along with their website. It’s … Read more

The Custom Saber Shop REVEAL Mystery Trick or Treat Gift (October 2018)

shipping box with packing peanuts

The Custom Saber Shop (TCSS) is running a Halloween promotion throughout the month of October 2018. It’s called the Trick or Treat promotion and it runs from October 3 to October 31, 2018. How the promotion works is you write “Trick or Treat” in the order notes section. Then The Custom Saber Shop may include a freebie … Read more