The Custom Saber Shop REVEAL Mystery Trick or Treat Gift (October 2018)

The Custom Saber Shop (TCSS) is running a Halloween promotion throughout the month of October 2018. It’s called the Trick or Treat promotion and it runs from October 3 to October 31, 2018. How the promotion works is you write “Trick or Treat” in the order notes section. Then The Custom Saber Shop may include a freebie item with your order (NOTE: Not all orders receive freebies).

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The value of the Trick or Treat freebie item ranges from small items like, vouches, stickers or TCSS swag up to a $200 gift certificate and a Complete Pre-Wired DV6 kit with a Nano V4 (the DV6 lightsaber and $200 gift certificate “will be chosen between the order range of the period using a number randomizer at the end of the month”).

One key thing to consider is the ‘Order Notes’ section only shows up after you place the order. So after completing checkout, return to your order page on The Custom Saber Shop, scroll down to bottom of the page and add ‘Trick or Treat’ to the ‘Order Notes’ section. If you have any questions about the Trick or Treat promotion, contact The Custom Saber Shop directly.

So which freebie item did I receive with my order? I received a voucher for Free Shipping on Your Next Order! The voucher includes a promo code, which I’m not including the article. I don’t know if it’s a one use promo code and even if it’s not, the promo code doesn’t seem like something I should be sharing.

My Trick or Treat Prize was a voucher for 'Free Shipping on Your Next Order'
My Trick or Treat Prize was a voucher for ‘Free Shipping on Your Next Order’

I’m pretty happy with my freebie item. It didn’t occur to me that free shipping could be a ‘Trick or Treat’ item. I was expecting some type of small, tangible item. Free shipping is very good value, though, and I will definitely put the voucher to good use in the future. Thanks, The Custom Saber Shop!

If you haven’t done the Trick or Treat promotion yet you still have time. The promotion runs through October 31st, 2018.

Did you participate in The Custom Saber Shop’s Trick or Treat promotion? What did you get?

“I got a light up lightsaber keychain in red. Was a cool little freebie” — Darth Varkuus (SaberSourcing YouTube viewer)

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