neopixel Ripper Blades lightsaber blades

Ripper Blades Announces NEW Neopixel Blades

Custom lightsaber blade company Ripper Blades announced they will be releasing neopixel lightsaber blades. Ripper Blades has not divulged a specific release date for the new Ripper Blades neopixel blades.

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The year 2018 has been a big year for neopixel blades and neopixel lightsabers. Both Vader’s Vault and Sabertrio added neopixel lightsabers and blades to their stores earlier this year. The neopixel technology continues to grow in popularity among lightsaber enthusiasts.

Neopixel blades contain strips of LEDs within the lightsaber blade, allowing the user more illumination options and visual effects options than lightsabers using in-hilt LEDs. Neopixel blades are also brighter than blades illuminated by in-hilt LEDs.

It’s not surprising to see Ripper Blades, a lightsaber blade company, announce their intention to make neopixel blades. Ripper Blades will likely develop its own artistic and creative spin on the blades, however, it’s currently unclear how neopixel blades by Ripper Blades will be similar to and different from the existing neopixel blades on the market.

Ripper Blades Etsy Store [AFFILIATE LINK]

Ripper Blades website

Ripper Blades Neopixel Blade Announcement on YouTube [Retrieved 10/12/2018]

Ripper Blades Neopixel Blade Facebook Video Announcement [Retrieved 10/12/2018]

IMAGE CREDIT: Ripper Blades
Image depicts Gary Ripper (from Ripper Blades) wielding a neopixel lightsaber.

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