Slothfurnace ESBA ESBB Clamp Card Full Review (for Graflex lightsaber)

The Slothfurnace ESBA/ESBB Clamp Card is intended to be installed on the Empire Strikes Back configuration of a Graflex-style (i.e. Skywalker style) lightsaber. The could also be paired with other custom lightsaber activation boxes as well. The ESBA/ESBB Clamp Card is double sided with different designs on each side. Side A features a more rounded design while Side B features more of a boxy design.

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The dimensions of the clamp card are 2 inches long, 0.6 inches wide and 0.006 inches thick. The card may require some slight sanding or modification, depending on this hilt. The Slothfurnace text and title on the top of the card is NOT visible when the card is installed on the lightsaber.

ThisĀ ESBA/ESBB Clamp Card is the standard version, which is gold-plated. Slothfurnace offers a few additional card options as well. As an upgrade, Slothfurnace will add silver soldering at the top section of Side A, Side B or both sides. Another clamp card option is selecting ‘Vintage Finish’, which is a black and aged version of the clamp card. The standardĀ ESBA/ESBB Clamp Card is a translucent greenish color while the vintage finish appears more black.

Slothfurnace, based in the United States, is one of the most well known clamp card makers in the custom saber community. Slothfurnace is known for producing high quality cards. The company also offers the widest selection lightsaber clamp cards on the market.

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