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Vader’s Vault released a new lightsaber hilt design called The Revanchist. The hilt is modeled after the lightsaber used by Revan in the Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) video game. Vader’s Vault already manufactures a different Revan-style lightsaber called REV-N. The Revanchist is designed to match the scale of REV-N so lightsaber enthusiasts can collect and display both Revan-style sabers.

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Vader's Vault custom fabricated an activation switch for The Revanchist
Vader’s Vault custom fabricated an activation switch for The Revanchist IMAGE CREDIT: Vader’s Vault

The external spines on The Revanchist are secured to the hilt with screws, which are not visible from the outside. Aside from the spines, the most distinctive feature of the new lightsaber hilt design is a custom activation switch. The custom fabricated, domed switch lights up red in the center. Instead of using a typical AV switch, Vader’s Vault constructed the custom activation switch in order accurately represent hilt switch depicted in the SWTOR video game.

The Revanchist is the first Combat Class Vader’s Vault lightsaber to include a blade plug with the lightsaber. Like the custom activation switch, the include blade plug for The Revanchist is intended to increase the overall faithfulness of the design to the SWTOR game. Buyers purchasing a PlecterPixel version of The Revanchist can also upgrade the blade plug to a Lighted Neopixel blade plug.

Custom saber manufacturer Ultrasabers unveiled its own SWTOR Revan-style lightsaber, called Butcher, in August 2018. Ultrasabers is currently accepting pre-orders on Butcher and expects to ship the new sabers in October 2018.

Vader’s Vault’s The Revanchist is available for purchase now, subject to the company’s current assembly time. As of 10/16/2018, Vader’s Vault estimates an assembly speed of 16-22 weeks for most sabers.

Vader’s Vault

IMAGE CREDIT: Vader’s Vault

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