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Ultrasabers announced the release of two new lightsabers: Butcher and Savior. Both are unofficially Revan inspired lightsaber designs. Notably, Ultrasabers is offering the two new sabers for pre-order only with an anticipated shipping time of October 2018. In the past, most new Ultrasabers lightsaber designs had been ready to ship upon the unveiling of the design.

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Butcher is an aggressive hilt design featuring a distinctive, long, clawed emitter that extends down the body of the hilt, nearly reaching the pommel. Butcher is 13 inches long and 1.6 inches in diameter. Butcher offers multiple accent color options including: anodized black, gold, blue or red. The removable pommel is MHS compatible.

Savior has more a standard lightsaber appearance than Butcher–a much more uniform hilt design with a taper in the emitter area. Savior is 12.75 inches long and 1.5 inches in diameter. Savior also offers multiple emitter color options including: anodized black, gold, blue or red. The removable emitter and pommel are both MHS compatible.

Both sabers include a free specialty blade plug (Ultrasabers has not yet provided a photo or description of the specialty blade plug).

IMAGE CREDIT: Ultrasabers

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