3 Unexpected Ways Clawed Emitters Change Your Lightsaber

Count Dooku’s lightsaber is arguably the most famous lightsabers with a clawed emitter. One or multiple claws in the emitter area remains a popular lightsaber hilt design feature among Star Wars fans and lightsaber enthusiasts. Let’s look at 3 unexpected ways clawed emitters change your lightsaber.

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1. Claws Lure Your Lightsaber Hilt to the Dark Side
Adding a claw to the emitter gives a lightsaber hilt a more aggressive, predatory, dark side feel. If you’re looking for a light side hilt, one using a clawed emitter is probably not the lightsaber you’re looking for.

2. Claws Limits Blade Options
Clawed emitters work just fine with standard, cylindrical lightsaber blades. But if you’re considering getting a flat acrylic lightsaber blade or some other non-standard lightsaber blade, then the claw or claws might get in the way or block the lightsaber blade. Understand that a clawed emitter limits your non-standard lightsaber blade options.

3. Lightsabers with Clawed Emitters are often NOT Duel Worthy
Lightsaber hilts with clawed emitters are generally not considered to be duel worthy because the claw creates a dangerous protrusion that could harm your opponent, you or both. Claws can also snag clothing during dueling or solo lightsaber spinning.

Depending on custom saber company and the quality of the machining, the clawed emitter could contain sharp edges or be too ‘pokey’ for lightsaber combat or could hinder your own personal safety.

BONUS: An Unexpected Side Benefit of Clawed Emitters
In 2018, a SaberSourcing YouTube viewer commented that he was able to open a can of beans using a lightsaber with a clawed emitter (an actual can opener had not been available at the time). So you have that going for you.

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What do you think about clawed emitters? Do you have any lightsabers that use claws?

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  1. Only use them on Sith designs. As you say, not the best for combat. Also get caught on your clothes if wearing on your belt.Old Jedi Jim.


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