Did Ultrasabers stop gluing blade film inside the lightsaber blade?

Ultrasabers seems to have stopped hot gluing the blade diffusion film inside of their lightsaber blades. My more recent Ultrasabers orders within 2018 included blades with loose (i.e. unglued) blade film inside the tube.

Ultrasabers sells cylindrical, polycarbonate blades that are approximately 1 inch in diameter. The blades are theoretically compatible with lightsabers from other custom saber companies that accommodate 1 inch diameter blades.

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When I first started purchasing Ultrasabers lightsabers in 2016, Ultrasabers secured the blade diffusion film inside the blade with a ring on hot glue on the open end. The ring of glue helps prevent the blade film from falling out of the blade. One of the downsides of gluing the blade film, however, is the glued blade film can wrinkle more easily over time from dueling.

If you’re having a problem with the blade diffusion film sliding out of the blade, all you need to do is cover the end of your blade with a dust cup. The dust cap will both help contain the blade film within the blade and help prevent unsightly dust from accumulating inside the blade. When the blade is installed on the hilt, the blade fits snugly against the LED module, which helps prevent the blade diffusion film from sliding out of the tube.

Consider that it’s POSSIBLE that some Grab Bag Blades could still come with glued blade diffusion film. Also, if you purchase used Ultrasabers blades, you could receive either glued or unglued blade film. Ask the seller in advance whether the blade film is glued or not, if you strongly prefer one way or another.

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Would you prefer a lightsaber blade with glued blade diffusion film or loose blade diffusion film?

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